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Some Links That You Might Enjoy

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                    Biblio.com - this service lists some of my better items, all priced over $15.00.

                    John's Records - Fine Old vinyl and 78 rpm Records, together with some dvds and cds at a great price

                    Ruth A. Davis - A site dedicated to this New Hampshire artist, together with samples of her work.

                    SweetFERN Media - An international media production company.   They produced this website design and many others.

                    Visit a World War II Prisoner of War Camp, located in Stenay, France.

So Mr. BQQKS, how do I get onto your "Best Links" page?

                    Well, it is not easy:   I link to sites that interest me... provided that I really like who they are and what they do.   If you are not here already, $25 a year will help me like you more.   Please ask before sending me a listing fee.

Well Mr. BQQKS, my site may be special, but it is not $25 worth of special.   Is there another option ?

                    Yes, I also do "Nothing Special" Reciprocal Links.

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