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The Under-Owl Art Gallery and Contest

            Under-Owl has been a mark of quality since 1978.     Who is Under-Owl?     He is the owl eyes logo for our community used bookstore located in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, but we sell books Everywhere.   Under-Owl likes to change his look with the times.   Here are some of his many make-overs:


Under-Owl from BQQKS.com in the Winter Snow Under-Owl from BQQKS.com with the Spring Flowers Under-Owl from BQQKS.com in the Summer at the beach Under-Owl from BQQKS.com in the Fall Foliage


Under-Owl from BQQKS.com in the good ole USA Under-Owl from BQQKS.com visited India Under-Owl from BQQKS.com saw Big Ben in London, England


Under-Owl from BQQKS.com celebrated 2007 Under-Owl from BQQKS.com likes those chocolate bunnies Under-Owl from BQQKS.com is one fowl owl on Turkey Day Under-Owl from BQQKS.com enjoys holiday cheer

            Hey Students, Teachers and Home-schoolers:   you can help your community discover terrific, low-priced books for your bookshelf or libraries in your school, town or city.!   Have your teacher get at least three kids in your class to each design a new outfit for Under-Owl.   The deadline for submitting your entries to the competition for this school-year is May 15th.

            The student with the best design will win a $25 gift certificate and have the artwork posted on my home page until the next contest deadline.   If a student from your school or hometown produces the winning design, then the school or public library will also receive a gift certificate good for $100 in library or classroom materials from Eyes of the Owl - Books!

            But no matter who wins, you and your school benefit.   I shall post all accepted entries for the period on this page, along with first name and last initial of each designer, the teacher's last name, school and location and send your school library a batch of Free Bookmarks.

            Please have your computer graphic design instructor, or library-media director ask for complete details before preparing materials for the contest.   Thanks and good luck from Under-Owl!

Contact: Wally Keniston, Eyes of the Owl - Books
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                E-mail:   usedbooks@excite.com