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EYES OF THE OWL BOOKS - COPYRIGHTED LOGO       Welcome to a great source for used and rare books, serving over forty states and twenty countries.   This is a real "bricks and mortar" book store where we provide personalized service, both during your visit to our Wolfeboro shop and when you place an order.     Under-Owl speaks Spanish, or español por favor.

EYES OF THE OWL BOOKS - COPYRIGHTED LOGO       Our shop in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire is also the home of John's Records, where you can find great music, movies and games.   We discount by the stack, so bring cash, or your checkbook for our best prices.   We also accept credit cards for purchases in the shop.

EYES OF THE OWL BOOKS - COPYRIGHTED LOGO       For Summer 2023, we are open on warm weekend afternoons until June 28th.   Typically this is Friday afternoon (3:30-5) and around lunch time (11:30-1) on Saturday or Sunday.   From June 28th until July 9th we are open evenings (4 to 6) on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; lunchtime (11:30 to 1) on Wednesday to Sunday.   Additional hours by appointment or chance and on Tuesday, July 4th during the Wolfeboro parade and fireworks.

EYES OF THE OWL BOOKS - COPYRIGHTED LOGO       Browse through hundreds of volumes by author, title, or topic from our inventory of over 10,000 books and records.   But Mr. Books, why don't you list them all?   Call me lazy, but I prefer to deal with real people, rather than computers.

EYES OF THE OWL BOOKS - COPYRIGHTED LOGO       Your paid order will be shipped on the following business day.   We accept credit cards for online orders if you provide your telephone number with your order or inquiry.   Please DO NOT include your creditcard information in any message.

EYES OF THE OWL BOOKS - COPYRIGHTED LOGO       Found something?     Terrific!     Now place your order.   Eyes of the Owl will provide you with a decent product at a reasonable price.   While the business philosophy is not typical, our customers love the service.     Try our FREE search service just in case you need something special.

EYES OF THE OWL BOOKS - COPYRIGHTED LOGO       Nearly done?     Please add our site to your favorites list and Under-Owl will always be ready to handle your information and literary entertainment needs.     We participate in northern New England book fairs, most recently in Concord, New Hampshire.     Discover how we help schools, libraries and charitable organizations.

EYES OF THE OWL BOOKS - COPYRIGHTED LOGO       Thank you for visiting our website.   It says two great things about you:     1. that you enjoy reading and music, and   2. that you refuse to compromise on quality, yet demand a good value.   Since 1978, Under-Owl has promoted wise re-use of audio and visual media resources by providing fast, fair and fun e-commerce around the globe.     Please return again soon.

Contact: Wally Keniston, Eyes of the Owl - Books
        59B Glendon St., Box 1876, Wolfeboro, N.H. 03894   U.S.A.
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